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Scholarship Spotlight: Emily (Ngan) Dinh

November 13, 2023



Emily (Ngan) Dinh
Portland State University
2023 英雄联盟s10外围 Educational Foundation Recipient
McDonald Jacobs PC Scholarship

Why do you want to become a CPA? What aspects of the profession are you most passionate about?
The reason that I choose to pursue Accounting and CPA are because I would like to own a coffee business someday. I have been dreaming of running an eco-friendly coffee shop that provides delicious drinks, tasty and healthy food to the community. Besides that, I also want to contribute the profit to animal protection organizations, preserving the planet. Therefore, accounting is one of the keys and foundations that can help me reach my dream.

After studying accounting as a major for a couple of years, I have realized that accounting is more than just math and numbers. I have a lot of chances to learn about real-world transactions and how the economy flows. The more I study accounting, the more useful and necessary I find it is.

How will you define success as a CPA?
To my knowledge, success as a CPA is when you can help your clients with your ability and knowledge. It is also about when a challenge occurs, you are not afraid of facing it and finding a way to solve it in order to generate the optimal outcome. To me, being a CPA is about dealing with changes and being willing to learn and grow out of the comfort zone. As long as we have the discipline and motivation to be better than our past-self, we are successful.

Do you have any mentors? Who do you look to for advice and/or support?
It is lucky for me to have great mentors from PSU's The school of Business as they have instructed and oriented me through the most vague moments I had when I first took accounting. My professor as well as my career coach Collin Supms are my greatest support, who usually give me beneficial advice and information about the pathway and other life skills I should have. Having them by myself helps me understand and make wise decisions.

Besides that, as an International student, family is also my greatest and strongest foundation for me to keep going and staying strong in a foreign country, and completing my responsibilities well.

Tell us how you achieved one of your most recent professional goals. Who or what helped you reach this accomplishment?
I have been an 英雄联盟s10外围 scholarship recipient for two years, promoting from Student Ambassador to Student Ambassador Coordinator at Portland State University. Moreover, I have also received an internship offer with TKW for summer 2024. With all of those achievements, I would like to thank my family who has been supporting my decisions and encouraging me in the darkest days. I also want to thank myself for being disciplined and persistent on what I have been doing. It has never been easy to be better than your past-self, but it is not impossible to do so. The key is to communicate and be willing to learn from my surroundings and from everyone I interact with. Finally, never be afraid to try and fail and do your best. 

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