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Scholarship Spotlight: Josiah Roth

November 07, 2023



Josiah Roth
Corban University
2023 英雄联盟s10外围 Educational Foundation Recipient
Aldrich CPAs + Advisors LLP Scholarship

Why do you want to become a CPA? What aspects of the profession are you most passionate about?
I want to become a CPA for a variety of reasons. First, it would help me become a more educated and effective accountant. Second, it is the logical next step in pursuing a career in public accounting and would provide me with a certain credibility that is very well respected in this industry. Third, I know that becoming a CPA has value beyond public accounting. If I decide to pursue another career at some point, having a CPA license and a background in accounting would be very helpful.

Right now I am most passionate about learning how to do my job to the best of my ability. I am still very new to the profession and I want to continue learning the ins and outs of accounting so that I can improve my ability to do my job.

How will you define success as a CPA?
Success as a CPA would look like doing my job to the best of my ability. To expand on that, I believe success looks like being well respected by coworkers and clients as well as family and friends for the work that I do. I also believe success could be measured by individual goals and achievements as well - though I do not think those should be the main driving factor in what is deemed as “success”. Whatever that looks like specifically would depend on the situation. Currently, success would look like completing my master’s degree in business administration (MBA) and beginning to study for the CPA exam.

Do you have any mentors? Who do you look to for advice and/or support?
I do have a few mentors when it comes to accounting. My cousin Toby is a CPA and someone whom I look up to. As is Bryce Bernard, my accounting professor at Corban University. I also have many coworkers at Kuenzi & Company who I look up to and who are great mentors. Aside from these, I am always supported by my parents and my family as well as close friends.

Tell us how you achieved one of your most recent professional goals. Who or what helped you reach this accomplishment?
One of my most recent goals that I achieved was graduating with my bachelor’s degree in accounting from Corban University in May of 2023. God has blessed me in many ways and I attribute all of my successes or achievements to him. My faith in Jesus and relationship with him is a huge part of my life and drives everything I do. My family and close friends have also played a vital role in helping me achieve this goal, especially my parents. 

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