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Beat Self-Doubt and Tame Your Inner Critic (1.5 hour - afternoon) [NT] – NEW! – Webcast


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英雄联盟s10外围 is pleased to partner with Maryland Association of CPAs to offer this webcast. As a member benefit, this is a FREE members-only event.

Do you constantly second guess yourself?

Do you worry that you’ve said the wrong thing (possibly at the wrong time, to the wrong person)?

Ever wonder if other people have that voice in their head?

That voice that makes you over-analyse the look on your boss’s face after you spoke up in last week’s meeting. And you know that even though that look could mean a thousand different things, that voice in your head has decided it definitely means you got something wrong.

Self-doubt and second-guessing what you said and what you’ll do next is not new or unusual. If you are like most of us it’s something you’re probably very familiar with.

Are you sick of it, yet?

Are you sick of spending so much time and energy worrying about all the what if’s.

Are you sick of feeling you’re not enough? Or wondering what’s wrong with you? And wondering what it will take to get over the doubt and negative self-talk?

Here’s the truth. There is nothing wrong with you.

In fact, you are just like hundreds of talented, ambitious and capable women who, despite spending years building skills and capability, and proving themselves to everyone, still experience self-doubt and have to deal with their inner critic. Maybe you don’t feel this all of the time, but it’s there more often than you’d like. And it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how many more qualifications you acquire, just when you want to take that leap or try something new that old familiar voice in your head raises all the reasons why it’s a bad idea.

The golden opportunity here is to learn to make friends with your inner critic – to right size that negative talk so it no longer overshadows every decision and action. Because if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will!

In this FREE 90-minute webcast, Authors of Core Confidence, Kate Boorer and Fiona Pearman will show you how to right size your self doubt and inner critic and leverage the confidence you already have to create the career and life you deserve. Having worked with hundreds of professionals just like you – they know that self-doubt can be exhausting. The opportunity available to you in this FREE workshop is to reframe your relationship with that inner critic and access the go-to strategies that will see you overcome that nagging self-doubt…

It’s why you will be free of the analysis paralysis that consumes your time and energy whenever you are responsible for making the ultimate decision.

It’s the reason you will make that decision and move forward without second-guessing yourself for days after.

It’s why, even when you get something wrong, you will be able to stay strong and navigate through the fire without being weakened by a barrage of insults and harsh self-talk.

Register now to beat self-doubt, tame your inner critic and lead with confidence.

Designed For

Professional women seeking to leverage the confidence they already have to create the career and life they deserve.


  • Shine a light on where self-doubt might be holding you back
  • Share strategies to help you beat self-doubt and tame your inner critic
  • Equip you to lead with authenticity and confidence


Leader Bios

Fiona Pearman, Pearman & Partners

Fiona Pearman is Co-founder of Pearman & Partners and coauthor of Core Confidence. Fiona’s interest in supporting gender-balanced workplaces that harness the collective strengths of a diverse workforce was sparked through facilitating workshops for women who were not achieving the career progression they aspired to. Fiona also works with organizations to shift the systemic and structural barriers that impede gender equity.


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Kate Boorer, Pearman & Partners

Kate Boorer, Founder and CEO of Young Professional Women Australia, is one of Australia’s leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand. Kate is dedicated to enabling women to face, manage and navigate the personal barriers standing in the way of creating the life they want. Kate draws on her results with clients, her passion for driving change and the collective voice of her tribe (YPWA) – this makes her a powerful thought leader for gender equality.


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